The King's son

The king's son

I want to tell you a story: "Once upon a time there was a vast kingdom, so large that the subjects never reached the limits of the kingdom. The king was wise, generous and just. People lived in peace, they were happy and had everything they needed...

The humans who want to be immortal

I recently read this article about "extreme biohackers", billionaires who are investing their fortune to keep their bodies in optimum condition and live forever.
What does it really mean to know yourself?

What does it really mean to know yourself?

I am pretty sure that you’ve heard the phrase “Know Thyself”, right? It is said that it was chiseled into the forecourt of the Temple of Apollo at Delphi, along with other maxims given by the Seven Sages, a legendary group of philosophers, statesmen, and law-givers in ancient Greece.

Don't try to be happy

Don't try to be happy

We all want to be happy.
However, most of the times
we seek happiness
in the wrong places...
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