Private sessions

Focused on Relationships

Would you like me to help you get your love right?

From experience, I know that creating a strong, vibrant and conflict-free relationship, it is extremely helpful to have the support of a teacher with many years of experience.

Through private sessions, I can give you and your partner personalized advice to help you:

  • See what is happening in your relationship with greater clarity and perspective
  • Work on those aspects that need improving so that you can have a stronger, loving, more fulfilling love life
  • Undo years of disagreements, fights and arguments
  • Live with greater presence
  • Be responsible for yourself and your emotional state
  • Reduce conflicts with your partner to a minimum
  • Ensure that your love keeps growing month after month, year after year
  • Transform your relationship so that it becomes a means of personal, emotional and spiritual growth
Private sessions focused on relationships

The best investment you can make

Why? Because it is an investment in your love life.

I will do everything I can to help you create a strong, vibrant, and conflict-free relationship.

I will share my expertise and provide you with personalized recommendations and tips.

Getting your love right: Is there anything more important than that?

Private sessions give you the following advantages:

  1. The sessions are 100% focused on you and your relationship, allowing you to achieve faster results
  2. You can have the sessions wherever you want: from home, office, etc.
  3. You schedule the sessions at a time that is convenient for you
  4. Receive advice from an experience teacher who has helped thousands of people to live with profound peace, joy, love and freedom. Learn more about me
  5. You can start the sessions immediately or as soon as you are ready.
Private sessions advantages

Frequently asked questions

How are the sessions carried out?

Usually, the sessions are carried out via videoconference, so that you can have them from your home, office or wherever it suits you best.

The sessions are done on Zoom, which allows you to enjoy excellent video and audio quality. You can connect using your computer, tablet or smartphone. (All you need is an internet connection).

Alternatively, sessions can be held over the phone.

How many sessions will I need?

It depends on how your relationship progresses.

Most people have between 5 and 8 sessions, as this gives us enough time to get to the root of the problem and to provide you with the practices, recommendations, and tools for you to achieve lasting change.

Contact me so we can talk about what you want to achieve and consider how many sessions you may need.

When are the sessions?

Sessions can be scheduled during the week, depending on your availability as well as mine.

Usually, sessions take place during business hours, but if necessary, they can be scheduled early in the morning or in the evening.

You can start the sessions as soon as you want.

How are sessions scheduled?

Scheduling a session is very easy. As soon as you've paid, you will be able to choose the time and day of your session.

You will then receive an automatic email confirming your session and the link for the Zoom meeting.


The cost of the private sessions is US$100 per hour.

You can pay with:
  • Credit card
  • PayPal
By making a payment, you accept the Terms of Service of the private sessions.

Sliding scale: If you genuinely cannot pay the regular fee because of reduced income, disability or some other special circumstance, you will not be turned away. When contacting me, please let me know that you'd like to request sliding scale fees.

I'm interested! What's the next step?

Great! Schedule a free 20 minute consultation, so we can:

  • Talk about what you would like to achieve
  • See how I can support you
  • Confirm that we are a good 'fit'
If you decide to have private sessions, the next step will be to make your payment.

Once you have paid, you'll be able to schedule your first session, and we can start!
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