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Hector B. foto

The truth
- of who you are -
shall set you free.

You are not just a body and a mind. You are the One who is behind every thing and in everything. To know this in your own experience is the greatest discovery you can ever make in your life.

Hector B.

Why should you listen to me?

Because I only have good news to share with you: Your true being is absolutely perfect, complete, infinite and timeless. Not as something you can achieve in the future or as a beautiful idea that you can believe in, but as you already are. I am here to help you discover the wonderful self that you really are.


Through simple but very powerful practices, I show you how to re-cognize your true nature easily and quickly.

To the point and no "extras"

100% focused on the truth of who you really are and free of rituals, guru worshiping, Sanskrit words, etc.

Experienced guide

After a profound awakening and more than 25 years of practice, I know what works and what doesn't.

No dogmas or beliefs

You do not have to adopt new beliefs or dogmas, since I demonstrate everything in your own experience.

Practical and down to earth

I show you how the recognition of who you really are allows you to live free of stress, suffering and problems.


You do not need any previous experience of meditation, mindfulness, etc. This is available to all.

Start now

You have tried everything: therapies, affirmations, mantras, etc. Now I invite you to take the most direct and immediate path.


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Ben Khanna

"I have learned a great deal from Hector. He is incredibly knowledgeable, wise and compassionate. I don't believe there is anyone who wouldn't benefit from what he teaches."

Ben Khanna, UK
Violeida Guerrero

"Awakening to my true nature on my birthday is the best present I've ever had! Best of all, this is accessible to everyone. I highly recommend being with Hector"

Violeida Guerrero, México
Bob McLaughlin

"I never thought that at my age, I would finally come to discover who I truly am! Thank you for your guidance and patience, dear Hector"

Bob McLaughlin, USA
Lisa King

"Hector is a gentle, beautiful soul. His presence shines with peace"

Lisa King, Canada