Unshakeable Peace

A course on how to live with extraordinary peace, joy, love and freedom

An invitation

Imagine if you could...

  • Live with a peace so profound that nothing and nobody could ever take it away from you
  • Love fully and unconditionally
  • Live with a constant sense of joy, that arises within you
  • Be free from suffering, unhappiness and negativity

It would be wonderful, wouldn’t it?

The amazing thing is:

All these qualities naturally arise in you when you discover a deeper reality within.

When you know, in your own experience, that the essence of who you are is perfect, complete, unhurtable, eternal and infinite.

That is your true nature.

I invite you to recognize the wonderful truth of who you are, deeply and experientially.

The most important discovery you can ever make

In the course, you'll learn simple but powerful principles, practices and tips to help you to recognize the essence of who you are.

Once you’ve done that, you will learn how to bring this recognition into your everyday life, so that you may:

  • Live with an unshakeable sense of peace
  • Love others fully and truly
  • End the fears and worries that trouble you
  • Get rid of the anxiety, depression, anger and emotions that overwhelm you
  • Live with enduring joy
  • Enjoy an incredible sense of inner freedom

A 100% practical, experiential and down-to-earth course

Through the recognition of a deeper reality within you, you will learn how to:

  • Go from stress to no stress immediately
  • Deal with physical pain
  • Improve how you manage your emotions
  • See through old age, sickness and death
  • Love other people fully and unconditionally
  • Live joyously and with great inner freedom
The course is 100% secular, with no religious connotations of any kind.

Everything is explained in plain English, without resorting to Sanskrit words, Buddhist terms, etc.

Moreover, you won't need to believe in anything or take our word for it, since everything is demonstrated in your own experience.

It includes an exceptional level of training, guidance, and support to help you transform the discovery of your true being, from a fleeting insight to a way of being.

You will have access to 8+ hours of on-demand videos, 3+ hours of downloadable guided practices (audios) and course materials.

You can also choose to have 1-on-1 coaching sessions with Hector. In these sessions, you can ask Hector any questions you may have and receive personalized guidance.
Hector is a wise, skilled, and trustworthy guide, taking us step by step into the depths of our true nature. His thoughtfully designed course simplifies and clarifies ancient teachings to make natural awareness and profound peace available to all of us.

Diana Winston
Director of Mindfulness Education at UCLA's Mindful Awareness Research Center and author of The Little Book of Being: Practices and Guidance for Uncovering your Natural Awareness


This is what you'll receive:

Lifetime access to:

8+ hours of on-demand videos (a total of 43 lessons)

3+ hours of downloadable guided practices (audios)

Course materials, activities and more

Optionally, you can also have:

Private sessions with Hector, to receive personalized guidance, clarify any questions you may have, etc.

A course that is now more relevant than ever

Ventajas curso mindfulness en linea
The world around us is in great turmoil: a global pandemic, economic recession, climate change, political unrest, etc.

Not surprisingly, many people are experiencing high levels of anxiety, fear, worry, despair, anger, etc.

Learning how to live with profound peace, love, joy and freedom: Isn’t that the most important thing that you can do for yourself and others right now?

Course contents

(You can watch the first 3 lessons of the course by clicking on 'Preview')
Welcome (4:57)
About me (13:18)
How to get the most out of the course (3:16)
How to schedule your private sessions
Key principles
Key principles (0:54)
Open mind (4:16)
Just look, don't think (4:25)
Get the idea (3:56)
The Truth never changes (4:46)
What you are looking for is already here (5:41)
Don't expect anything special (3:17)
Patience (2:41)
Persevere (2:15)
Discovering the wonderful Truth of who you are
The two ideas that stand in the way (1:52)
"I am the body" (5:20)
"I am a person" (10:42)
What you are not * (17:50)
A first glimpse of your true nature * (14:00)
Pure awareness * (26:00)
Seeing through appearances (8:32)
Your central reality * (26:31)
The space that contains everything * (25:34)
The appearance in the mirror (4:00)
The unmoving center (9:17)
That which does not resist anything (8:49)
What else can you discover about your true nature? * (15:36)
Living the Truth
Living the Truth (1:27)
Watch the body do everything for you (13:38)
From stress to no stress, immediately * (15:48)
Dealing with physical pain * (27:45)
Fully in control of your emotions * (28:07)
Loving others unconditionally * (24:41)
Seeing through old age, sickness and death * (38:30)
The joy of Being (16:55)
Living the Truth in the age of the pandemic (4:46)
Troubleshooting (0:27)
"My mind is too active" (10:06)
Don't mix levels (4:08)
"I lost my inner peace!" (4:50)
Discovering the Truth does not make you special (2:55)
Recap: Confirming what you've discovered so far * (27:23)
From now on (15:30)
Conclusions (16:31)
Quédate como el ser que eres * (12:24)
* The lesson includes a downloadable audio